What Can You Do with an Advertising Degree?

What jobs can you get with an Advertising Degree? I’m wondering what can I do with an Advertising Degree?

The short answer? Lots. Advertising is about making money and there are lots of companies out there looking for people who know how to convince other people to spend money. Just take a moment to analyze the latest Old Navy commercial and imagine the dozens of people involved in that process.

Everywhere you look there is advertising: your favorite website, the side of a bus, race cars, your mailbox, your favorite radio station, the newspaper, the Super Bowl, the grocery store…and everywhere you look, there are individuals skilled in advertising working behind the scenes: artists, writers, marketers, technologists, musicians, and statisticians hard at work. Even the poor guy wearing the hotdog costume is working in advertising (though we hope he is still working toward his degree!). Some advertising majors even go into research, to investigate how advertising works.

What jobs can you get with an advertising degree? Well, most companies have advertising departments. You can also find job opportunities in fast-paced marketing and advertising firms. There are also many successful freelance advertising specialists. Advertising jobs can be lucrative, but they can also be high-stress as advertising is, by nature, a fast-paced and competitive field that is motivated by profit.

Be aware that in order to increase your job opportunities, it might be wise to live in a populated area. While job opportunities do exist in rural areas, they are fewer and further between. Many advertising job opportunities also require one to travel.

Careers you can get with a degree in advertising include:

  • Account Executive
  • Advertising Analyst
  • Advertising Artist
  • Advertising Consultant
  • Advertising Coordinator
  • Advertising Manager
  • Commercial Producer
  • Communications Consultant
  • Copywriter / Content Writer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Internet Marketer
  • Jingle Writer
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Salesperson
  • Screen Writer
  • Web Designer