Business Owner Careers – Small Business Owner Career Info

A small business owner is a person who owns and operates a small business. He or she could own a vintage clothing store, a diner, or a mobile car detailing service. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

Small business owners often work round the clock. They get to be their own boss, but they are also ultimately solely responsible for the success (or failure) of their business.

Note: There is often confusion between the terms entrepreneur and small business owner. These two roles are similar, but there is usually a subtle difference:

  • A small business owner owns and operates a business and works to make it a success. A small business owner is usually personally and emotionally invested in his or her business.
  • The word entrepreneur is associated with big ideas and big risks. An entrepreneur may come up with seemingly crazy schemes and then create risky plans to bring their big ideas to fruition. An entrepreneur isn’t usually as emotionally invested in his or her ventures. To an entrepreneur, “It’s just business.”

Small Business Owner Requirements

There really are no requirements. Anyone can become a small business owner. He or she simply needs to buy or start a business. The kid with the lemonade stand is a small business owner. All one needs is the will.

Education and Training — How to Become a Small Business Owner?

There is no required education or training to become a small business owner. Still, many small business owners do choose to earn degrees in business, and degrees in small business management when available. Another way to train for small business ownership is to work for a small business owner. Aspiring small business owners may want to seek out a successful mentor.

Small Business Owner Salary — How Much Do Small Business Owners Make?

It’s difficult to discuss how much money a small business owner really makes, because there is no such a range. Some small business owners are rich. Some are working two other jobs just to support their budding small business.

An American Express OPEN study found that small business owners made an average annual salary of $68,000. It also found that fifteen percent of small business owners were working a second job to make ends meet.

Small Business Owner Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for small business owners are limited only by the imagination. The first person to open a cupcake truck garnered some criticism, but then made a small fortune. If you have a business idea, or know of a small business for sale, then you have a career opportunity before you.

Just know that owning a small business is a taxing endeavor. Many small business owners say they never really get to “go home from work.” They are thinking about their business round the clock. This takes an incredible level of commitment.